6 Reasons Not To Build A Log Home

6 Reasons Not To Build A Log Home – And What To Build Instead

6 Reasons Not To Build A Log HomeIf you’re into homesteading, you have likely considered building or living in a log home.

They are a popular choice for many people, for various reasons.

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Some like the look and ambiance, the rustic feel, or maybe building a home out of logs cut from their own land.

Pioneer-style living I guess you could call it.

But a log home is not for me. And I’ll tell you why.

But for this post, I’m going to give you something different. A podcast!

I’ve heard from several readers that it’s easier for them to listen to a podcast than sit down and read an article.

So for all those people who prefer a podcast, here you go!

Listen in today as I discuss all the reasons you shouldn’t build a log home, and what to build instead.

Episode notes:


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If you're into homesteading, you have likely considered building or living in a log home.
But there's a dark side and some big drawbacks you don't know about.