The Advanced Permaculture Student Online – A PDC & More!

How To Have A Meaningful & Profitable Career With Permaculture, Whether You’re A Student Or An Adult

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Do any of these feelings sound like you?

  • Unhappy with your job and wanting a better paying, more fulfilling career
  • Sick of living and working in artificial unhealthy environments
  • Worried about the state of the world’s food supply and natural resources
  • Tired of your job’s long hours, the low pay, those ungrateful bosses, that long commute, and the unsatisfying work
  • Drowning in debt just to keep your standard of living
  • Feeling depressed looking at desertification and damaged environments
  • Wondering about increasingly weirder weather and changing precipitation levels
  • Learned about permaculture, but still frustrated with your results

If you’re feeling any of these, please know that you’re in the right place!

“Matt Powers – you are the true reflection of what permaculture means with caring for people not just the paperwork. This is my destiny and I knew as soon as I signed up that this was the course, that it would change my life.” – Beth Healey

The fact is, permaculture is the best way to help you design the life (and career) you want to live. And the best way to learn permaculture is to take a great permaculture design course (PDC).

 Here’s what students of The Advanced Permaculture Student Online (APSO) say about it:

“You know how you didn’t know you were looking for something until you found it? That’s how I feel about this course!” -Deidra Jowers
“I feel as if I was just offered a choice between taking the red pill or the blue pillMind=blown.” -Ryan Markley

There are a lot of people who feel just like you. And it’s so frustrating not knowing what to do!

But before I show you what’s in the PDC, let’s look at some common mistakes people make:

7 common traps you’re probably falling into

1. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

We’ve all heard it said that this is the definition of insanity. Recognizing the signs of ineffective repetition will help you (among other things) eliminate job dissatisfaction and poor garden yields.

2. “Magical thinking” makes everything work perfectly

Calling something permaculture or expecting an herb spiral, swales, hugelkultur or keyline to fix your problems is a recipe for disaster. On the other hand, an in-depth understanding of permaculture design and its proper application can solve many hard problems.

3. Not knowing how to do permaculture design properly

Without a deep understanding of permaculture, you won’t be able to create the best, more efficient solution. For just one example, knowing what element to place in what location, relative to another element, in what timeframe.

4. Not knowing how to observe the right things, and understand how insanely important it is

Observation is huge. Knowing what to look at and where to look is vital to your success. It’s not just a matter of looking around. You need to understand how and why living and nonliving elements interact, and what the effects are on your design.

5. Not thinking you’re good enough to build the life you want

Baloney. Anyone can do this. Don’t think that you’re not smart or skilled enough. It’s not a matter of book learning or natural intelligence. Illiterate tribesman in the Middle East, and both young and old people from all walks of life have learned how to create profitable regenerative careers.

6. Thinking about creating your own permaculture design sounds super scary and intimidating

It’s really not. You will have all the information and support you need to create regenerative solutions for bettering your and your family’s life, as well as enhancing and beautifying your community and environment.

7. Not having a good guide to show you the ropes

Yes, you can try to learn permaculture from scouring the internet, reading books, and watching videos. But you’ll get lots of conflicting advice that may not apply to you at all. The key here is to have a solid understanding of how to apply permaculture.

APSO regeneration


Now take a minute to imagine a world where you could:

Have a rewarding, profitable career doing what you love

No more hating Mondays! No more of the commute, daily grind or ungrateful boss. Make good money in work that fulfills you like nothing ever has before. Whether you want to focus on plants, animals, people, community, technology or any other part of human society, there’s a role for you. Teach regeneration techniques, have a plant nursery business, install edible landscaping, consult with government on the sustainable projects and solutions, or run a community rare seed bank. The options are there, and yours to choose.

Design and build sustainable and regenerative solutions for even the most difficult problems

You tackle the stickiest issues with your knowledge and experience in creating permaculture-designed systems. You can solve the really hard worldwide problems like energy shortages, lack of food production, water scarcity, large-scale erosion and deforestation.

Reverse desertification and regrow beautiful forests

You take back dry deserts and turn them into lush forests that produce food, fuel, medicine and building materials for people who lost their lands to the desert.

Live and work in a healthy supportive natural setting

Instead of being stuck in a featureless cubicle with harsh fluorescent lights, do your life-changing work surrounded by forest, meadow, stream or lake. Work from home if you want, or in the forest. And surround yourself with like-minded people you will meet on this journey.

Nurture and regenerate the landscape

Re-culture industrial farms wastelands with productive food and medicine, sustainable fuels, clothing sources, and medicines. Invigorate boring gravel lots with food forests and community spaces. Build tons of healthy soil and reduce waste streams.

Grow healthy food for your family and neighbors

Go out the garden and harvest the freshest produce like ripe red tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and cool lettuce. Don’t forget to grab dessert like peaches, raspberries, paw-paws, and blueberries.

Sell, trade with, or give away excess production to your friends and neighbors. Preserve the rest for a winter’s treat.

Add value to your life, community and environment

Make your life mean something more than just existing. Help and serve others, make your community better, and improve the healthy and beauty of you local terroir.

Thx Matt Powers I’ve been super impressed with the mass amount of information provided thus far and the support from you and the class mates has been world class.” -Anthony Harris

You can have the life you want and more! Matt created this course to help other people achieve their regenerative life and career goals.

The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

APSO Headline

This Is The Most Advanced And In-depth Online Permaculture Course –  And You Don’t Need A College Degree!

The Advanced Permaculture Student Online is a collection of regenerative solutions & pathways for high schoolers, college students, and adults looking to start on careers that are meaningful, regenerative, profitable, proven, and valuable to their local communities.

This is a 20+WEEK video-based course with over 65 expert instructors from around the world who have

  • greened deserts
  • grown tons of soil per acre per year
  • made professional-level mycology accessible to the home cultivator or startup mushroom farm
  • trained professional landscapers in permaculture
  • redefined soil science and composting as we know it
  • converted organic orchards to permaculture
  • witnessed the restoration of the ancient Molokai fish ponds
  • made impossible seed and plant adaptations possible
  • and much more.

This course takes permaculture into the advanced fields of mycology, large-scale land restoration, market gardening, natural farming, alternative energy, social permaculture, ocean restoration, city planning, aquaculture, vermiculture, and more.


This is the only Advanced Permaculture Certification course based on a current, peer-reviewed advanced textbook and taught by experienced professionals from a host of different regenerative career paths blending disciplines outside the garden and farm scope of permaculture design and into a broader application of permaculture into everyday life, business, architecture, food, and even governance.

Get Your Advanced Permaculture Certification! OFFICIAL PDC + the Project-Based ADVANCED PDC PROGRAM

There are over 150+ Hours of Video Here!!! DIVE DEEP!

Here’s some excerpts from the course

If you took it in high school or college, this would be the one of the most valuable semesters of your school career. Knowing how to align with nature and then choose a career in partnership with nature to provide for yourself and your community. For the price of an introduction to permaculture, get more education from a greater diversity of world class educators and regenerators than you’ve ever gotten in a semester of college or any gardening or permaculture course ever!

“I’d have to say that my understanding of the earth and permaculture in general has expanded to universal portions. As well as my beliefs in my ability to make a positive change. Before this coursework, I thought I might change my small homesite into a buffering area for the changing climate to make things easier personally. Now , aside from modeling a change for others, I think that even my site could make a measurable difference in the local climate, both environmental and social, and possibly global.” – Dave M.

This course is World Class! I love the info. I own a company and work 70 hours a week. This is the best course I have ever taken on this subject. Matt Powers ROCKS!!!” -Mike G.

“I love that this course is not just about textbooks and lectures. It is about learning with and from each other to repeat the process with people we meet on our own journeys. Matt Powers – you are the true reflection of what permaculture means with caring for people not just the paperwork. This is my destiny and I knew as soon as I signed up that this was the course that would change my life. Thanks a million!” -Beth H.

No PreRequisites – Anyone Can Join Us! Covers, Corrects, & Updates the Standard PDC Information + SO MUCH MORE! There’s so much MORE to the Story!!

APSO Headline

More In-Depth & More Breadth than a PDC

Go in-depth with experts and real-life examples, learning valuable regenerative skills in a broad spectrum of fields, using The Permaculture Student 2: A Collection of Regenerative Solutions textbook as the reading companion for the entire course – the most in-depth and current permaculture textbook available.

Oh, Did Someone Say Bonuses?


APSO freebies 1

Bonus #1: Lifetime Access To the Course

You get lifetime access to the online course materials and amazing supportive and collaborative community of designers from around the world.

Bonus #2: The Permaculture Student 2 Ebook Textbook & Workbook Set – $60 value

Remember, this is peer-reviewed, updated and unlike any permaculture publications available.

Bonus #3: Audio versions of the textbook and workbook – $60 value

Just listen and learn! Great for those auditory or dyslexic learners!

Bonus #4: FREE Enrollment in Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Educators: Alignment, Crowdfunding, & Best Practices – $597 Value!!

Learn best practices in marketing, teaching, presenting, writing, curriculum design, class management, and more from professional educator, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and permaculturist, Matt Powers.

APSO freebies 2

Bonus #5: Permaculture Chickens Ebook by Justin Rhodes – $19 value

Shows you how to raise your own chickens with nature (aka save you money and be more sustainable) really really fast… like in one evening!

Bonus #6: 7 Steps to Success: Finding Land for the Permaculture Homestead & Farm of Your Dreams Ebook by Bret Glassett

Learn the 7 steps to take when ​looking for ​property that will ensure your confidence in choosing the best land.

Bonus #7: Thallaso Therapy Ebook by Antoinette Marquez – $18 value

Thalasso Therapy is a unique anti-aging strategy that leads to the Art of aging WELL

Bonus #8: The Regenerative Career Guide Ebook

This guide showcases the spectrum of currently available and proven regenerative career and professional educational pathways.

Bonus #9: The Permaculture Mastery Checklist 

The Permaculture Mastery Checklist helps designers take their understanding into action by providing a thorough checklist of activities, skills, and techniques.

That’s over $760+ of Value in JUST the Bonuses!

Most PDCs cost over $1000 and are just introductions to Permaculture. Most college courses cost thousands of dollars a semester and only teach a section of the overall information. In this course, you’re joining a community where the focus is learning to see micro to macro, the connections between all things and the fluency of working with them and understanding their workings.

The price of this PDC course is normally $997, which is such an awesome value for the tons of content available.

But you also get all the above bonuses included, at no extra charge.

For a Limited Time, you can get an Early Bird discount.

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Meet the Teachers

APSO MattThe Advanced Permaculture Student Online (APSO) was created and organized by author, educator, gardener, seed saver, and plant breeder Matt Powers to pair with The Permaculture Student series.

Matt Powers, the author of APSO, (he’s the smiling guy in overalls and flannel third from the left in the above collage pic) will be your guide on your educational journey with opportunities for digging deeper with professionals along the way.

The Permaculture Student series is the FIRST K-12+ college curricular arc that guides students directly to professional careers paths.

This course is primarily taught by the author and educator of the Permaculture Student series, Matt Powers, but it also includes over 70 different expert guest teachers:

  • Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web Inc
  • John D. Liu of Ecosystem Restoration Camps
  • Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology and Mycologos School of Mycology
  • Dr. Jeanne Wallace of Nutritional Solutions
  • Eddy Garcia of Living Earth Systems
  • Erik Ohlsen of The Permaculture Skills Center and Permaculture Artisans
  • Rowen White of Sierra Seeds
  • Kiss the Ground
  • Bruce Steele of Winfield Farms
  • Gabrielle Harris
  • Dan Marquez of Pharmersea & AMASeaBeauty
  • Hilary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey
  • Sean Sherman of NATIFS and The Sioux Chef
  • Julie Hart of OnlyMoso & MicrobeBrew
  • Neal Spackman of Sustainable Design Masterclass
  • Jessica Peterson of Wild Willow Wellness
  • Raleigh Latham of Sustainable Design Masterclass
  • Coco Vinny of CoCoTaps
  • Brook Sarson of H2OME
  • Rhamis Kent of the Permaculture Research Institute
  • Javan Bernakevitch of BC Permaculture & All Points Design
  • Kevin Muno of Ecology Artisans
  • Alex Landry of Moringa Man
  • Michael Nagler of the Metta Center for NonViolence
  • Frank Golbeck of Golden Coast Mead
  • Brock Dolman of The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
  • Makeda Makossa of the Worldbeat Cultural Center
  • Stefan Sobkowiak of Miracle Farms and the Permaculture Orchard
  • Jonathan Pineault of Quatre-Temps Ferme
  • Troy Martz of OffGridPro
  • Gregory Landua of Terra Genesis International
  • Justin Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture
  • Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms
  • Tom Boyd of The Kefiry
  • Alan Booker of the Eldenbridge Institute
  • Darren Doherty of
  • Chris Trump of The Online Korean Natural Farming School
  • Carter Wallace of the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano
  • Joy Beckerman of Hemp Ace International
  • Stephen Smith of Seeds of Preservation Independence
  • John Schinnerer of Sociocracy Consulting
  • Michael Cundick of SLC Air Protectors
  • Crystal Stevens of Worms at Work
  • Sean Mitzel of the Prepared Homestead
  • Sam Sycamore of The Good Life Revival Podcast
  • Jack Spirko of the Survivalist Podcast
  • Michael Wittman of Blue Sky Biochar
  • Todd Salemi of Organics Alive
  • Kim Bethel of DownHome HandSpun Fibers
  • Danial Lawton of Permaculture Tools
  • Cuauhtemoc Villa of Sonoma Biochar Initiative
  • Caleb Arthur of Sun Solar
  • Charlie Mohr on Native Bees
  • Bret Glassett of High Sierra Permaculture
  • Holistic Management International
  • Jamie Owens of Earthship Seattle
  • Mark Lakeman of CityRepair and Building Resilient Communities
  • Daniel Halsey of PRI USA and United Designers


How long is the course? What’s the timeline?

The course will start October 21st. See the below graphic for the course timeline.
APSO course timeline

What if I’m not already living sustainably?

That’s perfectly OK, most people aren’t. The more you learn about permaculture, the more you can see how to supply your own needs. This is more than just growing food, it’s about all human needs and the strengthening our ability to regenerate natural systems. But you certainly don’t have to be growing and making all your own clothes, food, power, clean water and housing to take this course.
Come as you are!

What is included in the course?

  • The PDC and Advanced PDC – 150+ Hours of Training From 70+ Teachers
  • Lifetime Access to the online course materials and amazing supportive and collaborative community of designers from around the world
  • The Permaculture Student 2 Ebook Textbook & Workbook Set – peer reviewed and unlike any permaculture publications available.
  • Permaculture Chickens Ebook by Justin Rhodes
  • 7 Steps to Success: Finding Land for the Permaculture Homestead & Farm of Your Dreams Ebook by Bret Glassett
  • Thallaso Therapy Ebook by Antoinette Marquez
  • The Regenerative Career Guide Ebook
  • The Permaculture Mastery Checklist
  • FREE Enrollment in Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Educators: Alignment, Crowdfunding, & Best Practices – $597 Value!!

What if I’ve already taken a PDC?

That’s great! You can now go further in your journey of sustainability and regeneration. It’s a really good idea to take multiple PDCs from different teachers and schools. Each one has a different approach and knowledge set, and so you can learn something different from everyone.

What is the weekly schedule like?

Is my credit card safe?

Credit card safety is very important, so Gumroad processes your payment. This means your credit card is safe behind SSL 128-bit encryption. This is actually safer than using it at a restaurant or gas station, since no one can see your card. So you can feel secure knowing that your transaction is safe.

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